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The Front Yard is Taking Shape! May 27, 2013

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My Mom came to visit be for half the weekend. With her work schedule I am happy to get time where I can.

When she arrived she had a truck full of plants and furniture for me. The furniture I will talk about another time =). The plants…. Wow! There was a lot of them.!!

On Saturday morning we were both wide awake before 6am. We talked together in the front yard about placement of the flowers while we drank our coffee. Once we decided on placement and got the pots where they would planted, we went to run a few errands. We went to Home Depot and a nursery we had not been to before. It was called Green Acres and it was an amazing adventure. The place was huge and full of SOOO many beautiful plants. Mom was in trouble LOL!! There was a lot of flowers there that are not available in Sonoma County. We bought a few plants and came back home to start planting. We got a bunch done and then Mom had to home. I finished the planting the next morning. Here is the improved front yard.

front yard 1-1

Front Yard 1-2

Front Yard 1-3

But not only did we get work done on the front yard, we did some on a corner of the back yard too!

Back Yard 1


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