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Straight from Mom….. Iris Yard Flower May 29, 2013

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By George, I think I got it!  My iris yard flower has made it’s transformation from cut out….

Imageto complete.


I added some stitching to imitate veining, and yellow pipe cleaners for the horns.  There are a few changes I will be making in reference to the upper petals.  I will be rearranging them, to lend weight to the lower petals.  The flower looks too balanced, if you know what I mean.  Iris are never symmetrical!  I spread them out to cover the base that I attached them to, big mistake.  Next time I will cut out a bell shaped base to attach to.

Over all though, I am very happy with it.  I think you can tell it is an iris, that is promising, and I will be able to play with some new fabric choices.  This one was for me anyway, something I never do is keep my first one. LOL  I am always giving them away to family.

I hope to make a few more and I will be sure to show you the improvements!  A bloom that takes years to fade, hmmmmmmm who’d a thunk it?!   Cyn


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