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Kitchen Update Phase 4: Curtains May 31, 2013

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The season of heat is here and the temperature keeps rising. Our house has no insulation in the walls and has single pane crank windows. For those of you who do not know, this makes the house warm because it can ot block out the heat or keep the cool in. So add that to us not having central heat and air in the house, this is going to be a long summer!

Growing up in Sonoma County we did not have AC in the house but the temperature did not get scorching hot except for on a rare occasion. My Mom was always able to keep the house cool and at the time I did not understand her method. All the windows open all night then first thing in the morning she would close all windows, curtains, blinds and doors. The house would return to darkness and there were times that I was frustrated cause I could not open a curtain for light but overall it made a huge difference.

So this knowledge in hand I started to prepare our house for hotter weather. The kitchen has two windows that get a lot of sun and therefore heat during the day. Curtains were absolutely needed!

I went to the Joann’s fabric and picked out five samples of fabrics that I thought might be good as the curtains. Once I had the eliminated a couple I asked Ash for his opinion too.

We decided on the top three choices, measured the windows and I went back to the store. The first two choices were sold out so I picked up two and a half fabric. The fabric we got looks like a brick red with chicken wire in front of it. IT is a darker color which will help keep the room cooler and the fabric matches the walls.

Before I can start sewing there are some preparations that I need to do. I put the fabric into the wash and Ash hung the curtain rods. I decided to hang the rods first because then I can accurately gauge where they will sit when completed.

Kitchen Curtain Fabric

Once the fabric is clean and dry, I folded it in half and cut. Now I have the curtain for each window ready to sew. I was able to cut it in half because the width of the fabric was the same as the width of the window. First I folded over the bottom, and two side edges so that the edge of the fabric was sealed and looked nice as well.

Then I measured the top pocket and sewed the final seam. Tada! Kitchen curtains that match and block out the heat!

Kitchen curtains

For more of where I get my creativity from visit my Mom’s site Design by Cyn


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