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Celebrating Birthday and Anniversary Together June 5, 2013

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We were married one year ago May 26 but Memorial Day can be a busy weekend and makes it hard to make any plans. Since today is my birthday we celebrated a combination of both events together this past weekend in Tahoe at the Valhalla Renaissance Faire!

To us it is perfect because we both love the faire and most important of all we met at faire! Well not this faire but it is still special to us! This year we even have a few friends coming with us.

Upon arriving at faire it is tradition for us to get food and coffee at Daybreak Crepes & Coffee. Ok so it is really a tradition for me to drag Ash there first thing LOL!!! The owner Dave is a wonderful person. He opens his booth before the faire opens so that all the people working the faire can enjoy before work.


My favorite thing to order is the Bard’s Special which is a all meat & cheese crepe and a coffee called a Firefly. I am not even sure what is the in the firefly but it is heavenly!

We watched our good friend, awesome author and creative performer, Michael Todd Gallowglas, perform Bards Cloak of Tales Show. The show is very interactive and always a joy to attend!


There are many other shows such as Myth & Magic and the Joist to see but Bards Cloak of Tales is my favorite.

Between shows and visiting with our friends in many different guilds I like to look at all the merchant booths. One of the things that I love about faire merchant booths is that they are all handmade items and a few merchants actually make their wares in the historical fashion, ok well maybe they just do a good job at looking authentic =).

Enjoying some drinks toward the end of the day we had the luck of meeting some new people and becoming fast friends with them. We had fun!


The faire is closing and as the parade passes us by… no really there is a parade at opening and closing of the faire… anyways, as the parade passes by I get sad. Faire is such a comfortable environment to me that I am always sad to leave it and go home.

I am very blessed to have my wonderful husband and happy to have many more years with him to continue to show him just how much I love him! Oh I know, I was getting mushy but I can not help it=)


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