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Straight from Mom….. Tea Pot in a New Light June 7, 2013

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Just this past fall, I had a teapot that was staring at me from a shelf.  I, on occasion, cast an extra piece from an order just to make sure I cover for breakage.  This teapot was an extra and ended up sitting above my work station on the shelf.  Usually teapots don’t stick around long in my back stock, they are a very popular piece at the “Paint it Yourself” stores which have popped all over.

This teapot sat for quite a while, it was feeling neglected and lonely.  Until, I had this brilliant epiphany!  The idea popped into my head as I pondered what to do with it.  First though, I had to check with my technical advisor, Steven to make sure what I had in mind would be possible.  These are the components I gathered to get started.  See if you can see where I am going with this project.


I don’t remember where the plastic container came from, but it was the catalyst,  I came across it in the kitchen, we had washed it out after camping for a weekend.  I think I had spaghetti noodles in it.  As I picked it up to put it away, the whole finished project came to mind.  I knew exactly where I was going with this.  Steven gave me the go ahead, it was full steam ahead.

Don’t peek, keep trying to guess.  I had one problem though, I wanted to light it.  I didn’t want it to be electric either, I was looking more for a night light sort of subdued lighting.  The idea of using a touch light, like we have in our trailer was appealing.  Steven came across some led touch lights, bingo that problem was solved.

I painted it and fired the glaze on, cut the tube container down to the right height, and assembled the pieces together.  Are you ready?


A teapot lighthouse night light!  Did you figure it out?  I sent Colleen a picture, knowing that she was decorating her room in seascape.  She flipped for it.  So, we gave it to her for Christmas.  It was so enjoyable to work on this and even more satisfying to see it finished.  Definitely gave me more ideas for all my teapot molds.  I have another in the works, but with working it is taking me forever. LOL.  Till next time…………………..Cyn


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