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Window Replacement June 12, 2013

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I have mentioned previously, maybe a few times actually =/ , that we have single pane windows in our house.

Bedroom Window Before

With the summer heat in our area we had looked into installing a central heat and air system in out house. But it would have cost us about $20,000 to install. Not really want we are looking to spend right now. Especially when my Dad and Marmie reminded us that all the cool air would be going right out the windows so out utility bill would be pretty high.

New plan: replace all windows in the house with dual pane. Of course we do not plan to replace them all at once. We are not that crazy!
We went to Home Depot to price out the windows and a window mounted ac unit. I am not a big fan of these because I think that they look horrible but Ash can not sleep in the heat so I gave in. We were pleasantly surprised at the cost of both the unit and the windows so Ash decided to buy them.

Before purchasing we called the project master, my Dad, and confirmed that the windows we would be buying would work. That confirmed, we paid our $450 and went home.

My parents let us know that they would be over to our house the following Saturday to teach us how to replace the windows. Friday night I emptied everything that I could out of the room to make the project easier.

Saturday morning I was up and ready to go early but due to noise rules, we could not start till after 8:30 so my Dad did not arrive till them. He and Ash went to work removing the old exterior trim and cutting out the windows. They were going at a pretty good speed and I was happy to see the new windows being set into place.

First new bedroom window in place

Although I think that everything was going so well because my Dad is a general contractor and he has all the tools. So when he starts a projects he can set-up and get moving quick and efficient.

Dad setting up to start

By about one in the afternoon both windows were installed and trimmed. They now look like this…

New bedroom window installed

What a huge difference it made in the temperature of the house. Just having the windows installed, no blinds or curtains, made the room cooler than it had been with the blinds and curtains previously.

Now is just have to buy the paint so that I can paint the trim. I also think that it is time for me to start thinking about what color to paint the exterior of the house as well. It is looking a bit worn and I would like to make the house shine! Well maybe not shine as far as glossy paint =) but shine as a new house would!

I wonder what color Ash will agree to let me paint the house?


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