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Straight from Mom…..Airplanes June 14, 2013

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Previously, I mentioned that Colleen had asked us to create another caddie.  This time the subject peeked my interest!  Airplanes!  All these little boys being born lately are presenting us with loads of puzzles.  I love puzzles!

Col had a picture of the layette design, so I took my “lift off” (ha ha, couldn’t resist) from the picture.  Colors, of course, red, white, and blue.  Steven and I decided to try making it more 3 dimensional.  After perusing my catalog of molds, I decided to grab the round salt and pepper shaker, the cabinet knob, and the button molds.  The other pieces I would either cut out of clay, wood, cardboard, or plastic.  Put together they looked like the front of the plane, here take a look……


I thought that I was ready to finish up the box, with the tail end and the front all painted and ready to go.  Not even close!  I wasn’t pleased with the progress, so I decided to add some wings.  They are cut out and ready to be painted and then I will be ready to paint the rest of the box and add the blue gingham liner.  So, for now we are at cruising altitude, not quite ready to descend and land this project.  I hope you will all come back and see how this adventure turns out!  Cyn


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