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The Vegetable Garden Grows June 17, 2013

I started my first vegetable garden a couple months ago and it is growing big! I am so happy to see it taking shape. Now I have more plants which my Mom brought to me during their last visit, to install the windows, and I need to plant them. Problem! I don’t have enough room!

The planter box that I bought and set up is full of plants which are already blocking the sun from the two pepper plants I added in May. So I need to make another one. What do I have around the house that I could use? hmmm….

Eureka!! I have it! Some of you may remember the pet guard that we built to keep the cat out from under the bed. Well the cat is at a new home so it is no longer needed and if I am being honest my toes would be happy to see it gone. When we installed the new windows my Mom helped me shift the bedroom slightly so we leaned the the wooden pet guard against the wall. Ash came in later that evening and unscrewed it, then we took the boards outside.

Boards waiting outside

Now that I have the boards to make the edge of my new box, I have to decide where I want to put it. I decided to connect it with the garden box that I already had in the yard so I went to work digging.

Digging Started

The last garden box I did not dig all the crab grass out of the ground before I planted and it is trying to invade. Constant battle but so far I am winning =) This time I am digging out the top layer of the dirt and all the roots in the ground to help prevent the crab grass from being in this box. Once I had a good area started Ash helped me to screw the boards back together. We only needed three sides because I was putting it directly against the previous box.

Garden Box Boards in Place

Eventually I would like to use a dremel and grind down the ends so that they can fit into the interlocking grooves on the other garden box. But for now we just set it in place.

With the boards in place I can not see exactly what area needs to be dug out. Once the digging was completed I bought a few bags of garden soil and mixed them into the soil. The weather was still warm and the dirt was a bit warm so I decided to wait to plant until the following morning. I did not want to burn the plants by planting to early.

Friday morning before work I went outside and planted the plants. I spaced them out as evenly as I could. Then I moved the couple of pepper plants that were not getting enough sun into the new box and watered the plants.


New Planter in Place with Veggies

I know I know! The board on the end is longer then the width of the box. Well, we have to get a new blade for the saw because we used out last one doing the windows. Eventually that board will be cut off but for now I am happy with the growth and look forward to watching my garden grow even more. In fact, I am already planning another box for the garden.

Green Beans & Strawberries Current Home

I have these green bean bushes and strawberry plants that are not doing well in the planter where they are. Plus I would like to have room so that I can plant some asparagus, garlic, onions, carrots and maybe celery. So back to planning… what do I have around the house to create another planter?

What creative planter ideas to you have to share?


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