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Straight from Mom….. Take Off Set Back June 19, 2013

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Success is always fleeting, I seem to always anticipate some sort of set backs.  Set backs are truly a positive, my way of thinking.  Every time one of my ideas have problems like braking accessories, running glue, or ripped fabric for just a few that have happened, Steven and I come up with an even better solution!  Most of the time the whole project is better for the set back!  This is one of those times.

I relayed to you the Airplane Caddie challenge Colleen tasked us with.  Well, everything was going along perfectly until BAM that set back hit!  Because I work in clay, I was trying to create all the airplane parts with clay.  I was also worried that the plane wouldn’t be balanced on the caddie if there was clay for the nose and a lighter material for the tail end.  Sound thinking.  Steven offered to create the tail end in wood and as usual he encouraged me to try them in clay.  There were two potential problems that I failed to take into consideration.  1. the glue wouldn’t have a large enough surface to support the weight when attached, and 2. to see if I could have enclosed a bolt/screw into my clay as I was building the tail end; not sure if the kilns heat would have melted the metal or just striped the sheen off the metal.  I will definitely have to experiment to work out that particular problem.

Unfortunately, hind sight is 20/20. LOL  We tried to glue the tail end on, no go, the weight was too much for the small surface to support.  We then tried to dremel a hole into the clay.  The hole was created with no problems. “Don’t get cocky”, I told myself.  Good thing too.  The tail broke when the screw was half way in.

ImageOf course, as I have mentioned before, these problems always arise when you need it yesterday!  We have gone back to the drawing board.  I think we have the solution, just have to manufacture all the components.  Come visit again and see if we can work out this conundrum.   Cyn


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