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Juniper Gone… Hooray!! June 21, 2013

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We had a juniper bush in front of our house.

Juniper Bush Before

I am not a fan of them plus they house a lot of spiders. We have a lot of black widows around our house so removing a place that they could be sounds like a good plan.
While I was out with Crista, Ash pulled out his brand new chain saw and went to work. He cut it down to the roots and piled it on the lawn.

Juniper Piled on Lawn

Now all I have to do is cut it into smaller pieces that will fit in the yard bin. I am looking forward to having it all gone. We are already much happier with the change!

Next step: removing the roots from the ground.

Roots of Juniper Bush

Eeek! I am not looking forward to that part but I will let you know how we get it done.


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