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With New Color in Mind June 26, 2013

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A few months ago I shared with you the master bedroom make-over we did. Since then it has become a lot hotter and the bedroom windows get all the afternoon and evening sun. This used to make the room roasting hot and I needed curtains but with the upcoming purchase of new windows it was not in the budget.

This did not detour me. I went into the closet and found sage green curtains which I rescued from my sisters good will pile. I love the color of them and they remind me of the grass growing in the sand dunes.


The green does not really match the blues of the room but I think that I have just this thing to bridge the gap!

Fabrics for Throw Pillows to add gree

I have been collecting fabrics from the red tag area of JoAnn’s Fabric for a while now. This lighthouse fabric has the blues, greens and red to tie everything, including my nightlight which I will let Mom tell you about, together.

First thing that I will need to do it decide on the size and shape of the pillow that I am making. Once I have decided on that I use fabric to make the pillow itself. For me, I think that I am going to use an old t-shirt for the pillow form. It was due to be recycled and that is exactly what I am doing!

Stay tuned to see the finished pillows!


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