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Fence or No Fence June 28, 2013

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To fence or not to fence, that is the question here…. I can almost hear by Dad teasing me by using that phrase LOL =)

Our front yard is coming to life and I hope that you are enjoying the adventure as much as I am. As the yard continues to take shape I have been considering whether or not to fence in the front yard. Not a large privacy fence or anything like that. I would not want to ruin the appeal of the neighborhood, but a fence about 4ft in height.

Okay to be honest there is a small list of reasons that I have been considering fencing in the yard.

  1. To allow Dixie to run around lose in the front yard with me
  2. To keep the neighborhood dogs from pooping in my flowers
  3. To keep the mailman from walking through my yard.

Yeah, I am not kidding on that last reason. We do not have an actual mailbox, we have the mail drop at the front of our garage. The mailman will drop off our mail and then walk across our front yard and the neighbors to reach the next mailbox. It is very upsetting to me because I consider it very rude.

So now that I have vented a bit I think that we have decided… we are definitely going to fence in the front yard!! The next decision will be, what kind of fencing do we want?


One Response to “Fence or No Fence”

  1. Kellie Says:

    Fence.. I want one put the teenagers will mess with it

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