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New Addition to Our Family July 1, 2013

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By the title of this post you might be thinking that we are talking about having a baby. Well I was talking about a baby, a baby dog. Yup! We are planning on getting a new dog!

Dixie has grown up having another dog to play with so when we moved into our house she had to try to adjust. Hearing her cry when we left and seeing her sad when we got home really got to me. After talking about it with Ash, and to be honest not giving him much choice… sorry babe, we decided to go to the shelters and rescue a puppy.

Ash is going to pick out the puppy so that he and the new dog can bound together because Dixie is obviously my baby and the new dog should be his. I am very excited about the new adventure and started looking online at the shelters. If you knew my husband, he who researches everything on the internet, you would have thought that he would want to look online with me. Nope! He is the kind of person that does not want to see pictures, he wants to meet them and see the personality first hand.

This past weekend we started the search and got very lucky. We walked around the shelter looking at dogs for about an hour. At first I was a bit discouraged because the ones that he liked at first glance were already adopted. During our walking we keep going back to one area and looking at one puppy. We decided to meet Rosco and see how we liked him.

They took us to a small play room so that we could get to know him. After about an hour and a half of playing with him we decided that he was the one. Sadly he was not neutered yet so we could not take him home. We completed all the paperwork and I bought everything that we needed for him.


I pick him up tonight and bring him home. Keep your fingers crossed that he gets along with Dixie!


One Response to “New Addition to Our Family”

  1. what a happy looking dog 🙂

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