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Straight from Mom….. End Table Update Completed! July 3, 2013

My projects are moving right along, slowly though.  Building up my stamina too!  Where I used to fall asleep at 7pm, after getting up at 3:30am, I now can stay up until 8:30pm. and be fresh in the morning.   Amazing how many more things get finished in just that hour and a half!  LOL.  It will definitely come in handy when the weather turns super hot and is still light out at 9pm.

The small, but tall, table I was going to refurbish has been slowly transforming.  It is now painted, the wood wasn’t stain grade unfortunately.  But, when you are dealing with a free piece of furniture who is complaining!

ImageI originally was going to have Steven attach an extra 16″ floor tile we had laying around.  I am prone to changing course when the mood strikes, a irritating habit to Steven I might add he he he.  After staring at the tile on top, I was concerned it would be too easily toppled over, being too top heavy.  Sound reasoning, huh?  So, I asked Steven, of course I asked Steven, if he could make me a routed edged new wood top, just a little bigger than the existing one.  Wow, did he ever!  It is beautiful and stain grade to boot!

I have burned a nice, simple patterns to the edge………………………………..


Then, he applied the stain to finish it up……………………………….


Just perfect!  I can’t wait to see the two pieces become one finished piece.  I am so pleased that we had no detours, road blocks, or catastrophes either.  Sometimes your the hammer, and sometimes your the nail.  I am so happy to report I was the hammer this time around!


Just perfect to hold 2 cups of coffee and a plate of pastries between our chairs on the deck!  You know where I will be soon…………………….. Cyn


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