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Straight from Mom…..Little Chair Revival for Our “Goldilocks” July 8, 2013

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I know, you are all uttering “ahhh poor little chair”.  That is exactly what I said when Steven brought it home to me for some TLC.  The seat of the chair was still in tact when he set it on the porch.  Our granddaughter, Keegan, was like Goldilocks, she thought it was just the “right” size and sat in it.  The seat gave way, tearing in two,  and Keegan sunk right through the center of the chair, LOL.  It was so cute.  She was so disappointed that I knew, as Grandma, I had to give it priority and start resuscitating this little chair immediately!

I have gotten it’s clothes off and am working on new ones.  Steven is making sure there are no broken bones or fractures that might cause problems later.   Then we will nourish its frame and reunite Keegan with her Chair.  LOL  I will let you know how the reunion turns out……….. Cyn


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