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Canister Set for Christmas Present Begins July 10, 2013

This year I wanted to make as many of the presents as I can. Of course I am not going to share which present is for whom because I don’t want to give it away if they read the blog =)

I decided to start with a ceramic canister set. The canister set looks like woven basket and had interchangeable inserts for the top of each. I am starting out by making on set of inserts to go with the canisters.

Before I can get started I must decide on the paint colors that I will need. I will be using Donna’s paint line for this present so I have a color chart to reference.

Donna's Color Chart

The inserts are sunflowers so I want some bright colors but not too bright. Paints chosen, it is time to set up and start painting.

Ceramics Painting Area

For me, I have found that it works best to have everything ready and close at hand. Items needed are: paints, paint brushes, container of water, towel, tile or plate and the ceramics that I will be painting.

First thing that I am going to do is paint the back ground of the inserts. Using a small brush I can get into some of the smaller areas and reduce the amount of places painted which should not be.sunflower insert

Next step will be to paint the sunflowers starting with the petals and ending with the centers.

Once I get this done I will show you the progress and what I am going to do next!


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