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Straight from Mom….. End Table Update Begins July 12, 2013

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I found a new project!!!!  I had been staring at it for years, funny I just never saw it.  This tall, small, and square end style table has been in our office for years.  I didn’t see it because it was covered with papers, LOL.  Steven and I had piled so many ads, magazine pages we had tore out, newspaper articles, etc. that you could only see the bottom shelf to the floor.  I kept adding to it, swearing I would organize it soon, but of course I never had.

ImageThe piece of tile is for later, patience all in good time.  I will get the table sanded and painted, then set to work and see if my plan for this neglected table works.  There once must have been some decorative wood adhered to each side of the table.  Lots of nail holes to fill and sand.  I will check out all my $1.00 paint oops from Home Depot that I have picked up along the way, pick one from the multitude of colors.  Steven and I are hoping to use a fun brighter color.  We would like to see this table out between our adriondack chairs in the back yard!

Fun, Fun, Fun!  Something new to puzzle out!  See you next time, Cyn


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