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Canning in My Future July 15, 2013

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The garden is growing big and beautiful! My tomato plants are in production overload! More than we can eat right now. So it looks like there is some canning in my future.

Growing up I helped, well mostly watched, my Mom can a lot of things. She canned stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, jam, jelly, relish, pickles, corn, beans… I could go on for a while longer but you get the picture. The task was not always fun but it kept us fed during the winter. Now that I am about to start doing all of my own canning I am regretting not paying more attention and participating more. You live, you learn!

So, not knowing where to start, I asked my Mom for a list of things that I will need to get started. Lucky for me she has about half of the things I need saved for me at her house =) So now I am just shopping for the last few times and the canning jars. Most of it I am ordering from but the canning jars I am going to get from Hobby Lobby using coupons. I am getting more and more excited as each items is purchased and or delivered!  Learning to can and preserve from my Mom is an exciting. I am happy to be learning the skills for myself but also so I can keep the craft going. Who knows, one day I may be teaching a niece or nephew how.


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