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Straight from Mom….. Table Given New Life July 17, 2013

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This has to be one of the only pieces that Steven and I saved for our selves!  Seriously, we seem to give away the projects we finish.  This piece Steven found sitting by the road with a “Free” sign on it.  We had just finished refurbishing the card table for my brother’s Christmas gift, it had been very hard to give it away.  He immediately thought of me and grabbed it.  I, sadly don’t have a before picture.  Steven was only able to salvage the base of the table, and it was touch and go too.  We ended up deciding to paint it due to the extreme dehydration of the wood.  The table top had to be replaced, it was even in worse condition.  Steven saw the potential in the base and went to work.

We live in wine country, Sonoma County, California.  if you are interested in wine themed decor it is everywhere.  When we had our ceramic shop open, the grape theme was so popular, we couldn’t stock enough of it.  While surfing the web, Steven came across a line drawing of some hops.  He had asked me to burn the hops design into his new table top, just around the edges.  He also had decided that this piece was for us, no chance it would end up anywhere but in our house!


As you can see, the base is already painted, he has routed the edge of the table, and I have transferred the design he found on to the table.  We were set to start burning in the design, I mean I was all set to start my end of the deal, LOL.  The burning process, for me is a slow process.  I can only hold and press for so long, the arm aches and the hand sometimes went numb.  But, I can say I have never burned myself yet, oops just jinxed myself I think.


The first corner took me a couple days, then I got rolling………….


There is half the table finished!   My job was almost finished, then Steven would stain the wood and I would be looking for a new project to keep me busy.


Admittedly, I still would like to repaint the legs a dark brown, I love this dual sided folding table.  I had to move it for Christmas to the entryway (it hasn’t made it back to it’s family room locale yet)  to make room for the Tree.  But, in the meantime, it holds purses, coats, and even some shoes for the interim!

Don’t give up on your rundown pieces of furniture, just repurpose, refurbish, and reuse them.  Think outside the box, I get awfully cramped in that darn thing………………. Cyn


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