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Recipe Book Revisited July 19, 2013

Some of you may remember how I made a recipe book out of a scrapbook/photo album. Well, the size of the book did not really work well in our new kitchen. Finding a place to store my book was a challenge and I was starting to get frustrated until I found a new, smaller book at the thrift store.


This book fits on the shelves in my cabinet and also would look nice sitting on the counter. But when I started to insert my recipe cards into the book they did not look right. The pockets to hold the cards are twice the size of the previous book and a lot of my cards are pretty old and beat up. Rewriting all the of cards onto new recipe cards was not something that I was looking forward to at all.

Then I saw my Mom’s recipe book and noticed something nice about the newer recipes that she has…. They are all typed and taped onto the cards! Well that is a great plan! With this in mind, at home I pulled out my laptop and started typing in the recipes. Then, once they were all typed up nice and I liked the look of the font, I printed them onto copier paper. You could also use a decorative paper to print on if there is one that you love. (Honestly I did not think about that option till I was writing this. Oops!)

Once printed, I taped them onto white index cards and put them in their new home.


The cards look a little plain in just black and white, since I did not think about color in time, so I am going to use my stamp and scrap-booking supplies to make them unique to me. At least I know that if I have to print them again it will be easy to do and I will remember the paper.


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