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Straight from Mom….. Mosaic Tiling July 22, 2013

Mosaic Tiling, the most fun I ever had!  I started out with using cookie cutters and other sundry things to cut out clay, then glaze them and well honestly, slap them on and mosaic around them.  As I played around making stepping stones………….



These were so much fun to make, simple designs with a lot of punch in the yard.  They also turned out wonderful every single time.  For me, there is always more.  A very frustrating trait I must tell you, especially for those I love and live with! LOL.  I just always seem to feel that I could have done better.  I almost seem to compete with myself to become better in the craft I choose to work on.  Well, this venture was no different.

Steven and I were struggling to find a unique gift to give my parents for Christmas a few years ago.  They really don’t need anything for their house, or clothes, or little incidentals that they buy for themselves.  It had to be something that would reflect their interests and be functional too.  The bench was Steven’s idea for functionality and my Mom loves turtles, so we married them together.  Funny, how may parents always get to be he guinea pigs.  We had never done anything this big or with a wood base.  So, we really didn’t know how it would wear in the Yosemite extreme winters and very hot summers.

Mom's turtle bench

My parents loved it!  It really was a feather in our cap.  So very proud of the end result.  I knew there would be some technical issues that would develop in the next year.  We would learn and create an even better bench the next time.  I was so stoked and quite impatient to see how it would weather the upcoming summer.  But more than that, I was itching to do more, hone my skills and become better.  Patience, patience, patience……………….. grrrrrrr………………….

Come back and visit again, I did learn from this bench and I also was asked to create another bench, I will show and tell…………….. Cyn


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