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Starting Update to Laundry Area July 24, 2013

Our laundry area is located in the garage so it is dark and does not have much space. I need to add some life and organization to this area of my life. To me doing laundry is a necessary task because everyone needs clean clothes, towels and sheets. Plus I do not like having the laundry basket in the bedroom full or over flowing because it makes me feel like a slacker, but that is just me!

Currently there is not rim or reason to the way that the laundry area is set up because there is not shelving or any form of organization in place other than stacking things on top of the dryer.

The wall to the left of the washing machine has the metal shelf tracks remaining from the previous owner.


But there are none of the shelf brackets or shelves. I went to Home Depot and purchased shelves and brackets to add two shelves to this wall. When I got home I realized that the size and shape of the brackets have changed. They no longer fit into the tracks that we have. With a heavy heart, I returned the items to Home Depot because I thought that I was going to have to start the planning over from scratch. Which if that was the case then I might was prettier shelves.

My parents came to the rescue again! I was talking about my frustration to my Mom and she told me that she thought they had some brackets which would fit. My parents have always saved bit of everything through out the years. Sometimes going over to their house and through their workshops is like going on a treasure hunt!

So let the treasure hunt begins! I am off to my parent’s house to see what kind of treasures I can find to use in organizing this area… Wish me luck!


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