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Straight from Mom…..Start to a New Teapot Adventure July 31, 2013

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Time.  It is one commodity that we all seem to take for granted.  I know there just doesn’t seem to be enough of it lately.  Going back to work full time has depleted my free, play time.    While I was working from home for so many years, I was able to juggle all the chores.   Many of them I was able to do simultaneously, multitasking all day long.  It is so different now, quite a few chores get put on the back burner so that I have some time for crafting.

I was looking through a stack of old Christmas cards last week that I had saved.  Thought I’d go through them one more time before I added them to my stamping/card making supply box.  A chore I had put off over and over.  One of them struck a cord, I knew immediately that it was the impetus for a teapot I had.  Just the perfect jumping off point.


I was able to get the teapot underglazed with a speckled white color and sneak it into a firing of some orders I was working on.  I know you can see where my creative mind went as you look at the card next to the teapot.  I have started to pencil in and draw my design on the teapot.  I am looking forward to some painting time!  I can visualize the finished design, hopefully it won’t be too long before I can get my brushes going.  Gonna be fun…………………… Cyn


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