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Straight from Mom…… Embroidery Challenge August 5, 2013

As the Renaissance Faire’s get rolling this year, Colleen asked me to blog about the dress that I made for her a few years ago.  Depending on the guild you belong to, your form of dress can range from poverty to royalty.  Some of the guilds make you prove your roots in the said period.  The head of your guild is usually the “royalty” and they usually do not wish to share their position.   Your position in the guild, is the basis for your attire’s color, degree of decoration, and types of fabrics.  Believe me, some groups are militant in this area.

In this time period, most women learned how to embroider, embellish,  sew and repair their own clothing.  Especially the working class!  So, I have always wondered why the guilds have such a fit if your lower class members have embellished clothing.  Seriously, the costuming is one of the main reasons the faires are so popular!  Well, I digress.

Col asked me to make her a new dress.  She had some hurdles to jump for this dress to be approved.  I wasn’t interested in making a plain old dress, where is the fun in that?  The guild president gave her approval on her embroidery only if the pattern was of flora that grew in their chosen area of Ireland.  So, of course I found one.  One hurdle cleared.

ImagePoor Colleen, I kept pushing the envelope.  I know beading has also been historically used.  Admittedly, used mostly by the nobility, but she can trace her roots to royalty.  So, why not add some beading also.  She received permission, as long as it was sparse.  Hurdle number two cleared.

We also had to get the color cleared, a color used in the period.  Fine, blue was common, so blue it was.  Hurdle number three cleared.  I was set to start.  The pattern, the beads, the color all approved.

ImageNow to transfer the pattern and get started.  I love to embroider, no problem.

Off to work, Cyn


One Response to “Straight from Mom…… Embroidery Challenge”

  1. Kellie Says:

    I can’t wait to see it

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