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Straight from Mom….. Yo Yo Quilt August 9, 2013

Yo Yo Quilts have become the thing to make.  I am so pleased to see it’s resurgence.  The yo yo theme has long held a special spot for myself and Steven.  Steven’s Grandma Caldwell taught me how to make a yo yo, then how to assemble them into a quilt.  She was a very gifted artist and crafter of anything she chose to try her hand at.  I gobbled up anything she was willing to teach or share with me.  Due to her varied talents, we have many heirlooms she made before her passing.  They are so treasured by all of us.


My quilt is queen size and made as they were tradionally made, with scraps/remnants of fabric from other projects.  Sometimes from old clothing too, my grandmother told me once.  There always seemed to be a use for everything then.  They were recycling way before it was fashionable!  Mostly, out of necessity but, they just seem to waste so much less than we do now.


It took me a year at least to get the quilt this far.  That was 1983, I still haven’t found a way to back it.  You would think that after almost 30 years I would have.  We used it for a while, but the weight was stretching it too badly.  I was worried it would get ruined.  I thought about this beauty today when Colleen asked me to show her how to make the yo yo’s.  She would like to start a project for a gift in the future.  Well, isn’t this how traditions are not lost?  By passing it on through teaching the next generation the techniques.  Thank goodness my girls are interested in the crafts that I was taught by the Grandparents of my youth!

Now, I think I will pursue the backing of this quilt again and see where it leads me…….. Cyn


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