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Straight from Mom….. Camping Lesson Learned, Be Ready to Laugh! August 13, 2013

Our camping trip was wonderful!  Laughter, love, family, and fun the perfect combination.  It was fantastic to catch up with my brother, Chris and his family.  Especially in an environment of such beauty and relaxation.

ImageI am not one for crowds, the beach was packed with sunning bodies.  Besides, is the fact that Chewbacca, our Weimaraner, was not welcome on the beach.  So, I tended to stay back at camp enjoying the quiet time to read, stitch, and nap with Chewbacca.

While Chewbacca and I were enjoying a wonderful nap a few days into the trip, we had a visitor.  Chewie got a little restless, I thought he was going to climb off our bed and get onto his bed.  So, I didn’t think twice when he got up to move.  He started sniffing around instead, I still didn’t move, continued to enjoy the quiet.  Chewie then climbed under our bed and all kinds of chaos ensued!  He started to scramble and bump the bed like crazy, I’m thinking, what the —-?   Then came the scream of an animal from under the bed.  By then, I was wide awake and panicked, what was in my trailer?  Chewbacca came out from under the bed with a ground squirrel in his mouth!  Now I was yelping, “PUT IT DOWN” and he did!  I had just enough time to grab Chewie before he could dive under the bed again.  But, I was afraid to put my feet down for fear of getting bitten.  So, I held on to Chewie, scooted to the screendoor, and somehow managed to get us both out with out anyone getting bit!

Whew, it wasn’t over yet.  The poor squirrel is thrashing about under the bed, making such a racket.  I thought for sure it was dying and I would have such a mess to clean up.  But, first I had to get the creature out of my trailer!  I have no shoes on, Chewbacca is lunging for the door, and Steven is down at the lake innertubing behind my brother’s boat.  Holy Macaroni!  What am I to do?  The poor animal is now quiet, dead I thought, under my bed.  Luckily we had a spare leash that I used to hold Chewie back.  No one was answering their phone, don’t they know I am in a crisis?!? LOL.


(Chewbacca with our trailer at home)

Just when I am about to burst into tears and have a perfectly good pity party, my campsite neighbors came by on their way to the lake!!!!!!!! I asked for some assistance, the husband found some park personnel to come to my rescue!  I relayed that I thought the squirrel was dead, Chewbacca had it in his mouth at one time.  The brave man climbed into my trailer, onto the bed with his shovel in hand.  The squirrel was still completely quiet, not a movement for the last 10 minutes.  He got in a position to shine his flash light under the bed to see where the little guy was.  He indicated that he too thought it was a gonner, slid his shovel under to scoop it out…………………….. the little guy was bouncing all over again, he was alive!  Don’t ask me how.  The man was able to direct him out the door and in a split second that squirrel was across the street and up the large tree! My Hero!  Whew!  My heart beat again, Chewbacca was still on a huge adrenaline rush.  I wasn’t stepping inside that trailer till Steven got back, so we went for a walk!!!

Okay now that you are laughing at this little situation, I retold the story (several times) to my family and Steven.  They too got a robust laugh out of my adventure!   Steven had checked out underneath the bed (no blood and guts) just scared the crap out of the squirrel (literally) he cleaned it up.  Chewbacca is now neurotic, he has to check under the bed everytime he enters the trailer LOL.  Steven made fun of my inability to eat anything that Walt Disney gave a name to, Bambi, Thumper, Chip & Dale, do I need to go on.  Luckily I was eating several types of meat before the Disney influence, otherwise when Sebastian was introduced I would have been in trouble. LOL.  Who knew the influence Disney’s  animated characters would have on my life.   Okay I know there are other like me……………….. Yes?

The next morning, Steven took Chewie for his morning constitution.  As he approached the large fir tree across the street, this squirrel came onto a branch (high up) and started to screech and scream at the two of them.  For the first time since the incident, I laughed my fanny off!  The squirrel was perfectly fine and letting Chewbacca know that he wasn’t pleased with his behavior! LOL.

Enough excitement for a long time………………….. Cyn


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