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Straight from Mom…..”Goldilocks” Chair Completed August 14, 2013

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Have you ever started sanding a project, only to find you like the look when you are half way through?  I did just recently.   The little “goldilocks chair” as Colleen dubbed it, was my project at the time.  The chair started to get an expensive stress relief look.  So, I stopped and let the remaining green paint show through as I stained the rest of the wood deep brown.  I just loved it.  All that was left was the new canvas seat and Bingo! it was a done deal.


I can’t wait to give it to Keegan!  The chair is so delicate and old that if an adult sat in it for too long it would crumble.  As Goldilocks said “It is just right” and will be the perfect chair for our granddaughter to use quite a while.  Now on to finishing some more renovations so I can start something new!   Happy Day, Cyn


2 Responses to “Straight from Mom…..”Goldilocks” Chair Completed”

  1. jessthetics Says:

    This is gorgeous! i love the sunflowers xx

  2. designbycyn Says:

    Thanks, our granddaughter is thrilled to have a chair “just her size”!

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