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Little Help for Special Chest August 16, 2013

I have a beautiful hope chest with is lined in cedar. It belonged to Murtle who was the best friend of my Great Grandmother.

Hope Chest

Right now it is storing all of my childhood memories and keepsakes. The chest is in our living room as the coffee table but it needs some help. It’s wheels do not like to roll anymore. Which makes moving it a two person task when we want to play the Wii or fold the futon out for guests to sleep on.

Shamefully, I have been putting this off for years because I did not want to change it from its original state. It can not be put off any longer. My parents gave me a new set of caster wheels to use. Now it is time to empty the chest and get to work.

Emptying the chest into space saver bags I can keep everything air tight and clean while we work. Next step is to take the chest out to the garage and remove the original wheels. But when we flip it over I see that the chest needs a bit more love an care then I thought that it did.



There are cracks from the pressure of being lifted and carried. I need to install supports across the bottom so save it from collapsing. For this I talk to my Dad because I do not know how to add more to the bottom without damaging the cedar lining…………..


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