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New Curtain for Front Door August 21, 2013

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The front door to our house has a built in window and the original owners had it covered with blinds.

Front Door with Blinds

It looked nice when we moved in but sadly did not stay that way. Poor Dixie has separation anxiety and found it comforting to chew on the blinds. The sorry state of the blinds kicked me into gear. I started shopping for a nice fabric to make a curtain for the front door. It took me a while but I finally found one that I liked.

Once I had the curtain sewn I removed the old blinds so I could install the new curtain. Using a piece of pipe, left over from the curtains over the dinning room windows, as a curtain rod and a couple of curtain rod hooks the job was easy! I screwed the hooks into the holes used by the other blinds and set the curtain rod on the hooks. It slide around a little so I pulled the curtain over the hooks. Putting the curtain lover the hooks made it look smooth and blocked out more light.


I love!!! It has the browns to match the wood paneling but it also has green, purple, blue and some teal, which as the colors that I want to bring into this room. The little things in life can sometimes be the best! =)


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