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Dogs vs. Garden… Who will win? August 26, 2013

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At the end of June I talked about fencing the front yard. Soon after that we brought home our new addition…..


Rosco is our newest family member and companion for Dixie. The two of them get along well but the garden will need some rethinking.

The two dogs run together and jump/roll around together or on each other LOL! It is wonderful to see them so happy and laugh at how silly them can look but NOT good for my garden. So far they are not running through it too much but they have a few times, plus Rosco has a taste lemon cucumber straight off the vine. Who knows what he will do when he sees that my peppers are starting to grow! eeekkkk!!

Ash and I had talked about fencing in the garden but I was not too fond of the idea. Especially since our yard is not the big to begin with. After thinking about it a while I can up with an idea. I would build raised garden beds from brick. This would make it easier to pick and harder for Rosco to destroy!

We started buying the bricks and setting them into place. It is going to take a bit to build the planters but I will be prepared for next years garden.

The score is Dogs 1 Garden 0… I hope next year we have a tie! In the mean time I better get back to work.


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