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Straight from Mom…..Back to School Backpack Made to Fit August 28, 2013

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School’s back in session again!  Seems like only yesterday the kids were just getting out for the summer.  Every school has a different schedule too, our grandchildren started school August 5th this year.  The first school back in session.  We have graduated from Kindergarten and First grade and are onto bigger and better things!

Speaking of bigger, have you ever watched the kindergartener’s arrive at school?  For that matter, any First or Second Grader too?  The gosh darn backpacks are larger than the student!  Keegan and Donovan, our grandchildren, sometime got lost in the backpack, LOL.  I would always be able to see the backpack first before I found them.  The funny thing, is that the backpack was a required item for each child.  The only time it was ever used was for a homework envelope to go home on Friday’s, that was it!  This huge pack that never held anything all year.  It went to school with them faithfully, used to drive me nuts.  The packs were heavy, too large, and in the heat- miserably hot to carry.   Enough of this baloney!

I know the excitement kids get out of shopping for their school supplies!  Don’t get me wrong, I remember.  But, I never had to carry these overly large backpacks.  We carried what we needed in our arms or just in one hand sometimes.  My back never ached and I definitely had incentive to use my time wisely during class so as to not have to carry all those books home for homework!  But I digress…………

My grandson is a “Super Hero” fan, huge fan.  He picked out some super hero fabric and I made him a backpack for this school year.  It is a simple drawstring pattern I found on line.  It has two pockets in the front for pencils, etc. and a pouch large enough to hold his “envelope” every Friday.  It won’t be too heavy and will not be too hot to wear walking home.  I just finished it……………………



I am giving it to him on Monday after school, we will see if it gets the seal of approval.  Now, to get Keegan’s backpack finished.  I found a different pattern for hers.  Off to work I go………….. Cyn


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