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Sunflowers Coming to Life! August 30, 2013

The canister inserts are so much fun to do and are really taking on a life of their own. It has been a long time since I have painted ceramics and I feel like a part of me has come home again!

Last I shared with you I had the purple background and the green stems and leaves painted. The next step for me was to paint the petals. I decided to make them a more traditional sunflower to start so I am using a yellow for the petals. Using a medium brush I will paint the larger areas. Once that is done, I will take a smaller detail brush and go around all the edges. I am using a smaller brush because I have already painted the green so I want to avoid a large amount of touch ups.


Once the yellow has been completed I will paint the center of the flowers with a fawn color.


The next step is going to be antiquing the inserts. Using an oil based antique paint I apply a liberal coat over the entire piece. I have to be sure to get into all of the grooves. Using an old sock as a rag, I usually put my hand inside of the sock to give me more control, I pour some of the antiquing solution on the sock. Then I use to sock to wipe off the antique paint. Depending on what you want it to look like, you can whip off all of it or leave more to give it a more rustic feeling. I wipe it back until it is pleasing to my eye. Then I seal the insert using a matte spray sealer.

Insert antiqued

Of course I could have sealed it with a gloss spray and called it completed but I am not done with it yet. Check back to see the finished inserts.


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