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Straight from Mom…..Denim Rug Completed September 2, 2013

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Just when you think you will be enjoying some time off………….. Whoosh……. they pull the rug right out from under you………. you’re asked if you can come in to work.  Do you say no……. Of Course NOT.  You happily show your pretty face and enjoy every hour they offer!  That was my week, so excited to have 4 days off.  I had every single minute planned with canning, sewing, gardening, and painting.  Sadly, only a little a batch of relish got processed before I was asked nicely to come in to work.  I was able to keep my promise to watch the Grandkids too, sheesh, in such high demand, LOL.  As the Winter Warlock, in Santa Claus is coming to town, would say….”It’s crowded, but at least I’m loved!”

So, obviously I neglected to accomplish all the sundry items on my to-do-list.  I did remember to take the picture of the recycled denim jeans rug that it took me oh-so-many years to complete.  Somewhere down the road, I will do another one for my own room.   The accumulation of clearance fabric in all the colors of fall will be a joy to shop for, I just love a great bargain.  That alone will take me a few years.  So, for now our son’s rug is in place and he just loves it.


Thanks for stopping by………………….Cyn


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