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Firewood or Projects? What happens to the table? September 4, 2013

When we bought our house in December it came with a bunch of stuff including a dinning room table. I already had a glass one with metal chairs so the table was not of use to us.

We moved it to the back patio and there it has stayed. I have to admit that the table came in handy a couple of times for things like brewing beer and painting the cabinet for the bar… but in general I want it gone.

It is not that it is a bad table by any means. The table is made of solid wood and has a removable leaf. Truthfully, I do not like how it takes up so much room on the patio. My first attempt to convince Ash we should get rid of it did not work because he had used it and liked having the work are on the patio.

Finally, I was able to convince him when I presented him with a better option. We could buy a couple of folding tables to keep in the garage. Then they would not be taking up space but would be available to use when we needed them. Now the task of finding it a new home.

Done! Yup it was that easy! Okay, what happened was I mentioned to Marmie my plans and her face lite up. She had the prefect idea on how to transform it into the table she was looking for! Of course I am not going to share more details because it might spoil the surprise.

Table in truck

With the table loaded into the truck, I can not help but smile because I know that it is going to be a fun adventure for my Mom.


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