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Bright Colorful Blooming Canisters September 9, 2013

While the paint dried on the canister inserts, I worked on the canister set itself. I picked the color of the baskets and put a couple of good coats on each canister. Then using the same antique technique as the inserts on all the canisters and lids.

The inserts still needed some detail work. Using paints, a hard bristle brush and coffee filters I used a technique called dry brushing to add the detail. So basically what I do is add a little paint to the brush (dry, not moisture but the paint). Then dab the brush on the coffee filter so that the brush does not have as much paint on it. Take the brush and lightly brush against the piece you are painting to add the color till it looks the way you want it. I sometimes use a couple of colors and blend them into each other as I paint. Chalk is another option, which I almost went with. To use chalk just rub a cue tip on the chalk and then run on ceramics till you get the effect that you want. Now that I have the inserts the way that I want them, it is time to seal the paint.

Sunflower Insert Completed

For the final coat of sealant I am using a gloss spray to give everything a little shine to it. I spray and seal the inserts and the canister set. Taking care not to touch the surface while it dries (no finger prints) and not letting the pieces touch (they can stick together). When everything is dry I take out my Velcro and adhesive. Using the adhesive, I attached the Velcro to the bottom of the insert and the top of the canister. Once everything is completely dry I put it all together and admire it!

Canister Set Completed

I am very proud of the work that I did! Almost done want to give them away but they do not match my house. Keep your fingers crossed that this Christmas present is liked by them!


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