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Straight from Mom…..Mosaic Garden Bench September 11, 2013

From simple to conceptual, that is where my mosaic tiling took me in a few years.  I started out with very simple, random designs, what I would endearingly refer to as kindergarten art.  There really wasn’t much art involved really, truth be told.  I just wanted to see how the process worked and so I just used what I had on hand and was supremely pleased (like a kindergartener) with the results.

I think I have graduated, left elementary school, to join the experimental Junior High kids.  You remember those days, trying and experimenting with everything and anything, even when you knew it wasn’t good for you.  Yeah, I knew you remembered, LOL.  The cookie cutters were put away and I was drawing and cutting my own clay for the mosaics I was inspired to make.  The process was so much more fun, creative, and challenging!

Let me tell you, there were some bumps as always along the way.  I taught myself to be patient, the clay had to dry slowly and in between two pieces of wood.  The clay would then dry flat, otherwise the edges can curl up.  Cracks and fissures were also prevented by the lengthy drying time.

I was ready to give this new found confidence a go.  Just in time too!  Our son, Shamus, asked if I would create a bench for a gift he wanted to give.  He gave me a few months notice, thank goodness.  He only knew he wanted it to be garden themed, the rest was up to me.  No pressure, LOL.


Here is the main theme all layed out.  Simple, with a hummingbird to lend some weight and balance.


The mosaic pieces were added to fill in the sky and grass.  Now it was taped off and ready for grout.


Once it was grouted it really took on a life of its own!  I was so excited to get my first bench completed.  Gardening is a passion of mine, now I didn’t want to let it go, LOL.  I promised myself I would do another one, the next one would be even nicer.  I hoped.  Not quite ready for the big league, you know high school, but I was learning about myself and the craft and having so much fun in the process!

Hope this inspires you to keep pursuing what you love………………… Cyn


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