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Dreaming of a Blooming Fence September 13, 2013

Life is finally slowing down a bit at our house. I have completed a few of the projects that I had going as well as a few Christmas presents. So it is now time for us to work on the front yard a bit more.

One of the problems with the front yard was the mailman walking through the yard. Thankfully the Post Office was understanding and they are no longer walking through! But as I solve one problem, another arises. Rosco likes to be in the yard and so he likes to try to get out the front door. If he gets out, he does not understand the boundaries of our yard, especially if someone is using a hose: then it is straight run toward the hose to get the fresh water and play in the water!

So the original answer of whether or not to fence the front yard is Yes!, but where do we start?

I started by looking online in Google images of front yard fencing to see if there was one that I liked. There was a lot of wood and wrought iron fences to look at. The wood fencing was cute but I did not want to put it in because it might need to be replaced if it rots and I would need to keep the paint fresh each year. Cute but more work then I was hoping for. The wrought iron seemed to be a good idea so I decided to start shopping for the fencing sections at Home Depot. I found one that I liked but I was not in love with it.

Ash thought that metal wire fencing would work for the front yard. I really did not like the idea because I though that it would make it look more like an animal stall since the yard is smaller. Then during one of my visits to my parents house I noticed something. Okay, so I should have noticed this and remembered it a long time ago but you know how it can be sometimes. You grow up in a house that is forever improving and there are some details that you miss. Well that is what happened to me!

The field next to my parents house, between the house and the road, is fenced in with wire fencing. Along some of the wire fencing there is flowers winding up and along the wire. It looks really nice and gives the fence the feeling of being sort of alive! Seeing this made me have to admit that Ash was right about wire fencing.

My Dad and I talked about flowers that would grow along the fence like passion-flower, potato vine and morning glories. Since all three have a few different color varieties I thought why not use all of them!

Now we have the plan in place. We are going to install the fencing and I will scatter the seeds randomly along the fence. Time for us to buy the supplies and get to work.


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