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Supports and Trim for My Hope Chest September 16, 2013

Working on the hope chest ended up not being as challenging as I thought. Well to be honest I did not do all of the work but let me share our experience with you.

I emptied the hope chest of all the memorabilia and clothes from my childhood. It was fun to walk down memory lane while emptying the chest. I found clothes that made me smile just seeing them. Every item in there had a memory to it which I cherish! Once the items were emptied into a space saver bag I flipped the chest over.

I thought that I was going to have to ask my Dad to walk me through how to reinforce the bottom but Ash was able to figure it out by looking at it. I did of course double-check our plan with my Dad but only because I wanted to make sure that we would not damage the cedar lining.

Ash took four pieces of 2 by 6 and placed them across the width of the chest. When we measured the length of the screws we found a problem. The screws were too long, they would poke through the bottom of the chest. Using another thin piece of wood, Ash cut 8 pieces to use at the edges so that the screws would grab the bottom but not go through.

We ended up using the original wheels again because they are still in good shape and will roll now that the bottom has been reinforced. When it was turned right side up again I was not happy with the look of the chest.

Hope Chest with Supports

As you can tell, the new supports are very noticeable and it is not very pleasing to the eye like that. My Dad and Ash went to Home Depot and got some molding to add around the bottom to give it a more finished look.

Hope Chest with Trim Added

Now it is time for me to get to work sanding and finishing the chest. I am excited and nervous about how it is going to turn out!

How do you suggest I finish it? Should I stain it or paint it or some combination of both? I would love to hear your input.


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