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Hooray! New Cabinets! – Kitchen Update Phase 4 September 18, 2013

The kitchen in our house is small and functional but I was still hoping for more storage space. In one corner of the kitchen I had set up my bakers rack.

Bakers Rack in Kitchen

Not the best picture, I am trying to get into a class for photography soon.

The bakers rack gave me a bit more space for storage but due to it being open shelving, there always ended up being pet hair and dust. After a while, re-washing previously clean and unused dishes just so I can use them to cook got old quick.

I measured the space that I had available and talked with my Dad about what kind of things I needed to look for in used cabinets. My parents took us to ReStore in Santa Rosa and showed us all the different things that they had available. I have to be honest, I went home dreaming of way too many projects that I could do.

A few weeks later I was planning a trip to my parents for a visit and I got an email from ReStore announcing their 50% off the entire store sale. Exciting!!!! I was so happy that the sale was timed perfectly. I was going to be in town for the sale and my parents would be at my house the following weekend. We do not have a truck so my awesome parents used their truck to buy the the cabinets and bring them to me. I bought an upper and lower cabinet set to replace the bakers rack. They are in very nice condition and I got both of them for $58!

When they arrived with the cabinets I was excited but I became more excited as the day went on. My dad pointed out that the lower cabinet has pull out shelves. The hardware to install pull out shelves cost about $60 so I got a good deal.

New Cabinets Installed

I LOVE the new cabinets!!! They add storage and make the room look more complete! The beautiful counter you see on them was made by my Dad as a surprise for me! I could not be happier! I truly am blessed to have the life that I have!

The kitchen update project is almost complete. Once I finish painting the walls and do a couple other things it will be done. I wish that I could do it all at once but that is not in our budget so baby steps is the way to go! =)


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