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Pink and Polka Dots! September 20, 2013

Those who know me know that I generally avoid and dislike the color pink. I am gradually getting better about the color but it was still a surprise, even to me, that I decided to quilt a blanket in pink.

I have shared blankets with you that I have made for Project Linus. My Mom inspired me to make them and donate them. Using scraps of fabric left over from other sewing projects in the past I start the quilts and then buy any additional fabric needed.

In all the fabric that I had there was a good amount of pink and I did not know what to do with it until my Mom gave me the extras from an outfit that she had made for my cousin. It was white with brown and pink polka dots. Eureka!!

First thing that I did was lay out a plastic sheet which I had cut to be the size of a toddler blanket, and started placing all the pieces in order. I found some brown that I thought would look nice and added it to the blanket for some contrast.

Pink Blanket Laid out

Once I had everything ready to start sewing, our lives got a bit busy and I had to box it up. Sad to say but I forgot about it until recently when I started sewing again. So I pulled it back out and Ash helped me to lay out the pieces again.

Starting with the first row I sewed the pieces together and then pressed open the seams. Then once I had the second row completed I sewed the rows together and pressed the seam open. After that it kind of flies by… sew a row, attach the row, sew a row, attach a row…

While deciding on what fabric to use on the back of the quilt, I remeasured to make sure it was still large enough. When sewing the pieces together I tend to make the blanket a bit smaller than I planned. This time was no exception.

Using the fabric I selected for the back, I cut four strips to add as a border around the entire front. Once that is in place I sew the front and back together leaving just a small hole so that I can flip the blanket right side out. To add some fun and individuality to the blanket I bought some buttons and hand sew them on to the blanket. This will help hold the padding in place and make it special.

Pink Blanket

Pink Blanket FoldedI am very proud of this blanket and can not wait to get started on the next one!


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