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Ideas for Halloween Fun for the Kids September 27, 2013

Halloween is an interesting occasion to be because of the wide array of yard decorations and costumes.

This year I am thinking that it would be fun to do a creative project with my niece and nephews in Auburn. I have not been able to do anything like this with them, partly cause they used to live out-of-state, partly cause we are still getting to know each other.

I was playing on Google Images search (Yes, I do that  lot!) and I found this really cute idea by Crafts by Amanda. She created Halloween Monster Yard Lights.

Halloween Monster Yard Lights

It looks like so much fun! On her blog she gives instruction on how to make them so that anyone can share in the fun!

Excited I have started saving milk cartons so that I am prepared for the fun. In the mean time I am going to experiment with making glow in the dark slime.  A Pumpkin &  A Princess shared how to make it and it looks really cool in the pictures that they showed. Making the slime first will allow me to test my skill and to sure that the slime will not stain clothes. I wonder how it is going to feel in my hands? hmm! Well only one way to find out.

Hope that nothing spooky scares you away before I can share the results!


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