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Straight from Mom…..Black Bean Harvest September 30, 2013

Filed under: Straight from Mom — designbycyn @ 9:08 am

Late August thru September, this has to be the busiest time of year for Steven and I!  It is harvest time, canning, and replanting our winter garden time.  All at once.  Plus, we add the new dimension of coordinating it all with my work schedule.  Seemed simple at the time, but……….. not so much.  Working adds a new wrinkle to the equation.  I had all the time I needed before working outside our home.  I could bounce from one task to the next, even complete two tasks at once!  Now, by the time I get home I have already been up for 10 hours and it is only 1:30pm!  I literally have to force myself to keep working.  Steven has done the harvesting, it is waiting for me patiently in the kitchen.

I must admit though, I love it!  There is nothing as satisfying as preserving the harvest for later use during the winter!  Seriously, I know it isn’t for everyone, to take a $2.45 packet of seeds and nurture it into what would cost me $50.00 at the store is exhilarating.


These black beans are an example of just one packet of seeds.  Once these dry, they will store all winter and be ready for use when I need them.  It is fun to go grocery shopping in my own garage, LOL.  Yeah, there is quite a bit of time and labor involved, it took us approximately 4 hours to remove the hulls from 2- 5 gallon buckets full of bean pods.  Was it worth it, Oh Yeah!  Not only did we have this lovely batch of beans, we were able to sit with a cocktail and visit, laugh, and enjoy each others company.   Perfect way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

Still more work to do, it is a labor of love though.  Now off to harvest the herbs……….. Cyn


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