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Polka Dot Skirt October 2, 2013

When I was younger my Mom taught us to sew our own clothes. We completed outfits and entered into the 4H fashion show. It was a challenge to follow the directions and get the fabrics all matching and facing the right way.

Over the years I stopped sewing clothes. Over the last year I started to sew curtains, pillows and quilted blankets which made me think….. Why am I not sewing clothes for myself?

As some of you may already know, my goal is to eventually be a stay at home wife so sewing my own clothes seems like a good way to reduce the cost of clothing. I decided to start on something a bit easier, a skirt.

I followed the directions as best I could after a battle with the zipper foot and sewing in the zipper. It was my first time adding a zipper to anything.

polka dot skirt, purple, sewing, diy, handmade, homemade

Boy, I have a funny look on my face but I think that the skirt looks nice.

It is comfortable to wear, needs some adjustments, plus I have a few shirts and other tops in my closet that match.

What do you think? I think that I am going to make a few more of this pattern and then I might try something different like a dress. We shall see!


One Response to “Polka Dot Skirt”

  1. Natalia Barra Says:

    The skirt looks amazing on you and your face is adorable as always. ^-^

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