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Accent Pillow for Bedroom October 9, 2013

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A couple of months ago I told you about our green curtains in the master bedroom. So using the lighthouse fabric I am going to make throw pillows for the bed. Of course my husband was not so thrilled because he thinks that there are already too many pillows on the bed. LOL! All the men that I have met don’t seem to like decorative pillows =)

First step was to make the pillow itself. I took some spare white fabric and cut it to the size and shape I wanted the pillow to be. Then I sewed three and a half edges together. Once the seams were in place I flipped it inside out so that they seams were on the inside of the pillow and filled it with stuffing.

Filling the pillow with stuffing took a bit longer than normal because I used cut up fabric and cotton stuffing (or bean bag filler, which ever I have on hand) together. Once I had all the stuffing cut up and the pillow stuffed, I hand sew the pillow closed and go to work on creating the pillow cover.

For the cover, I place the right sides of the front and back facing each other and sew three seams. Then I flip the cover right side out and insert in the pillow form. Once this is done I fold the edge of the open side and pin it closed. Once it is pined, I hand sew it closed so that the seam is hidden. Then it is ready to be placed on the bed.

New Pillow on Bed New Pillow

The second fabric I shared with you was not made into pillows. Originally that was my plan but I realized that I already had 6 pillows for the bed that had to be removed each night. Trying to find a middle ground for Ash I came up with another idea. I am going to use the fabric for curtains and I can’t wait to see how they turn out.



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