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Changing Jobs and Planning School October 17, 2013

Filed under: Life's Precious Moments — Colli @ 7:47 am

I recently ended my temporary employment contract so life is different. It is amazing to feel so relaxed each day knowing that I have my schedule to make. Each morning I spend completing job applications and submitting my resume for job openings. To be honest my heart is not in it but I do it for my family. I know that in order for us to reach the goals we want to as a family I need to bring in an income.

While I am a job hunting, I am also making the most out of my time at home.  I have been researching which class to take in the spring and how to get enrolled.  When I was about 5 years old I dreamed of becoming a marine biologist and that dream is still with me today. In the past I was too afraid to chase the dream in fear that I would fail. Now I have my wonderful husband and family to help me through. I am very excited about returning to school! I know that finding a job in this career is very hard to do but I am still going for it. I can’t describe why but I feel like this is finally the right time for me to achieve this dream.

In the mean time my other dream job, of being a full-time house wife, has been granted to me on a temporary basis. Temporary in the fact that I am currently unemployed so I am home full-time.  OK enough with my ramblings, it is time for me to job hunt and then spend the rest of the day on my projects.!


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