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Preparation for Rain Begins October 21, 2013

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The weather is getting cooler, the days shorter and the nights longer! Everyone is getting any last-minute projects done in their yards to prepare for winter. In our area we do not have to prepare for snow but we do get a decent amount of rain. I love rain! The smell of it, the sound of it, the calming & relaxing effect it has on my mind.

Preparing for the rainy season is a newer experience for me. In the past my parents knew what to do in preparation and the kids would help as instructed. Then when I moved out on my own it was apartments so no preparation was required. This is the first fall in the house so I am learning for myself now.

What exactly needs to be done to prepare for rain? Is it the same for all people? I don’t really think that it is but I could be wrong.  For us it seems pretty simple =/

Of course there is the basics of keeping the lawn moved until the rain starts, but I have more planned. I want to get the garden taken down, the planters all weeded, the ivy off the fence, and passion fruit plants in the back yard removed. Sounds easy right! Well not for me.

I decided to start by tackling the passion-flower plants in the back yard and it started out good but then it turned tricky. The vines from the passion-flower had grown into the trees both on our side of the fence and the neighbors. I started to pull all the vines out of the tree and that was messy! I had not worn safety glasses or a hat so I ended up with leaves and tiny vines EVERYWHERE!!! Lesson learned, let me tell you! Once all the vines were out of my trees I started to put the plant back to the roots, but stopped before I killed it off completely.

We plan on fencing the front yard and growing vines on it, why not pot the passion-flower plants and move the pots to the front yard and use them on the fence, right!?! I am not really sure if they will survive but it is work a try.  I put this on my to-do list for later.

On to the rest project on my list, removing the ivy from the fence. I was honestly not sure where to start this project LOL! The ivy has been growing like crazy and spreading along the fence line between our yard and a neighbors. Yup, the plants in our yard had invaded the yards of two different neighbors. LOL! Ooops!

Ivy all over the fenceThis project was prompted by the discovery that rodents had made a home in the thick vines. I love ivy and the look of it on the fence line but rodents are not welcome in out yard. With this in mind I decided to start by thinning the ivy on the fence so that rodents would have to move on.  I got a bit done but was worn out so I stopped for the day.

Ivy removal in pr0gress

Does not look like much but it was a work out. That ivy is thick and is growing every where.  I am pleased with the start that I made.


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