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Plastic Bin Garden October 25, 2013

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Once upon a time our garden looked vibrant and full of life, then Rosco hit…. Some of the plants made it to the end of their life span but a lot did not.Removing all the trampled and eaten plants I was able to see what was still living. I know that sounds bad, like I have not been tending my garden at all. Well that is partly true but I am proud to say that there is NO crab grass in my garden, which is no small feat!

Trampled GardenUsing the spare patio pot that I have left, I transplanted the herb plants so that they can continue to grow. The poor basil plant was in almost two pieces but healthy none the less. The pepper plant had most of the damage and I am not sure how many will live, but I had to do something. Using empty plastic bins from the garage, I transplanted almost all the plants out of the garden. Not all the remains in the tomato plant. Looks a lot different than before!

Plastic Container GardenGarden with only egg plant and tomatoPart of me was sad to take down the garden but the other part of me is excited about the raised garden beds that I will have next year!

Now it is time to remove the metal fencing, mow and put away all my tools. I love working in the yard. Keep your fingers crossed for me that our garden will thrive!


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