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Hand Painted Flower Insert October 28, 2013

When I started making my Christmas gifts a few months ago I was very excited and could not wait to start. Then when it came time to do a gift for one of my sisters I froze! How am I going to paint flowers on a ceramic insert?  I had no past experience of hand painting anything. Nerves all a-whack, I decided to use carbon paper to trace a design on the insert.  This gave me a good starting place so I went online to find drawings that I could use. Once I found the ones that I was looking for, I started painting the frame. Bad person that I am, I forgot to take pictures of the process of making the frame. First, it was base coated in yellow and then antiqued in teal. Once it was dry I added some vines and decorative dot flowers across the bottom and sealed it.

Frame done  and drawings printed, it was time to start on the insert. When I took the drawings off the printer I found a problem… the drawings are too big and I do not have the means to shrink them. Eek!! Well that decided matters! Taking a pencil I did my best to draw the flowers on the insert. It was a bit scary but I was intrigued but how I became more relaxed the longer I drew the flowers. Once the drawing was done, I took black paint and filled in the areas which would be background.

Flowers Drawn & Background Painted

Now it was time to pick the colors of the flowers. Can you tell what kind of flowers there are?

I decided to paint the hydrangea (flower on the left) a green base color.

Green Hydrangea Started

Then I started to paint the fox gloves (on the right) a magenta color.

Fox Glove First Color

Still not sure what color to paint the remaining fox gloves I decided to add the green for the stems and leaves.

Green Stems

Finally I decided on the second color for the fox gloves. Once they were painted I added the speckle coloring to the inside of the blooms.

Purple and Speckles Added

The fox gloves almost completed I turned my attention back to the hydrangea. Since I already had my green base color done, I started to dry brush on the pink color. In the light is looks a bit more purple than intended but I like the contrast so far.Drybrush First Color

Once the first coat of dry brush was done I spray sealed it with a matte finish. The matte finish will allow me to continue painting but I can wipe off anything that I do not like without losing all the work I have already done. Once the spray was dry I added the dry brush blue and the detail lines to all the flowers. Then for some added contrast I added opal dots.Detail Lines Added

Once all the painting was done i spray sealed it with a gloss finish and let it dry. Then I added velco to the back of the insert and the inside of the frame. The velco will also for the insert to be changed out if she wants to.

IMG_0847 (2)

It turned out so nice, if I do say so myself! I am sad to give it away but I think that my sister will like it more, so it was all worth it!

What do you think? Does it look like the flowers below?

IMG_0827IMG_0848 (2)IMG_0828


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