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Cuddly Cards and Airplanes November 4, 2013

Owen is the youngest of my nieces and nephews. He is an adorable little man who moves to talk and to cuddle. Since he is 4 years old he is pretty easy to please. Remembering his reaction on Memorial Day when we went to Mel’s Diner with their decorations of airplanes and cars makes me smile! So when it came time to decide what to make him for Christmas it was easy to decide. A quilt with airplanes and cars. Joann’s Fabrics had the Cars fabric with Mater, Lighting McQueen and the whole gang, plus fabric for the Planes movie. They were adorable so I bought them! My first thought was that I was going to quilt one side with cars and color squares, then the other with planes and color squares. But when I had the squares all laid out it did not look right to me so I changed it. I decided to alternate cars and planes then do a solid back. This decided it was time to sew. Front of Owen's Quilt Uncompleted The front went together easier than I was anticipating, which is a good thing. No complaints here! With the measurements in hand I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the backer. Hobby Lobby was the only place that I could find locally that carried the side sided quilt backer. All the other places had it two sided. The backer is a nice piece of fabric because it already has the padding and the quilt stitching done. While the fabric was washing I laid out a blanket on my floor so I will have a clean place to work. No matter how much I vacuum I always seem to find dog hair everywhere and I didn’t want that on the new blanket. Once the fabric was cleaned I laid it on the blanket right side up, then laid the quilted piece I had done on top of it, right side down. Laying them out this way enables me to pin the quilt and sew it almost completely around, then flip it right sides out. Blanket Laid out to Pin Now that it is sewn I will take some yarn and thread it through a few places. The yarn will help hold the front and back together a bit and also add some contrast.

IMG_0865 (2) IMG_0863 (3)

TA-DA! Cuddly cars and airplanes quilt for Owen. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he opens this present on Christmas morning!


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