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The tide of life is changing November 8, 2013

Filed under: Life's Precious Moments — Colli @ 2:42 pm

The last few weeks have been interesting ones for me, to say the least. I started with two phone interviews for a new job and then my Grandfather, Poppi, had an accident.

Poppi fell three times at home and the third fall resulted in a broken hip and femur. They surgically replaced half of his hip and when he was stable sent him the rehab facility. He was very weak and having trouble forming thoughts into speech. Then one night he fell out of bed in the rehab center and was taken back to the emergency room. They found he was hydrated and over medicated but otherwise fine. My Grandmother had help where she was living but no one who could be with her 24/7 so I went. I arrived the night he was released back into the nursing home after the fall from bed. He did not appear to even know who I was or that I was there. It was a bit heard but I knew what to expect before arriving. Keeping all the emotions in check might have been impossible otherwise.

While I was visiting Poppi I had another phone interview and was complimented on the response I gave to one of the questions. I felt that the interview went well and started to feel more confident that I might get the job. Poppi seemed pleased that the interview went well and was more alert the remainder of my visit. When I left a couple of days later he was much improved and started physical therapy. Upon my return home I was called and asked to come and meet a panel of people to talk about the job.

I was so nervous about the interview that I could not even decide on what to wear! My best friend Crista came over and helped me pick out what I was going to wear, including the jewelery and shoes. That helped me to relax a bit, or at least till I was in the interview! The people on the panel were from all different departments and very nice. I felt that the interview was another success! Guessing that I would be starting work again soon, I decided to go and visit with my parents for a bit. My Mom had Tuesday off work so I drove down on Monday morning so that I arrived right after she got off work Monday. We went and shopped for a bit before spending time with my sister on her “lunch break”.

While we were enjoying the break I received a call letting me know that they were sending me a contingent job offer, pending my background check being clear. I was so excited that I can’t put it into words. I was almost dancing in the McDonald’s! It did not dawn on me until later that I had never heard of a contingent offer in the work place before. Home buying, yes but not employment. Later in the evening I received the email with all of the documentation and it made a bit more sense. There was the formal offer letter explaining everything. I had to sign and return it in order to accept the offer. Have you ever had to do that before?

My excitement about the job continued the rest of the day! I was giggling and smiling all night. It made Mom laughed me a couple of times while we were shopping for new work clothes. Tuesday morning my sister came over to have coffee with us and we talked for a long while. Most of that was about Poppi. He had taken at turn for the worst after I left and was back in the hospital. There was an infection in his body that they could not find the cause of and the family was worried. It is hard to see a loved one who is ill and you know that there is nothing that you can do to help them. I pray that God takes care of him. I know that God has a plan for each person. Trying to understand that path or plan is not always easy but I do my best to try to accept it.

So while I am being blessed with a new job (I am being confident because I know that I have nothing in my background to block me) and I also praying for the strength to let Poppi go, when the time comes. Life cane be as rough as the surf in a storm and as calm as the water in a tide pool when the tide is out. The tides keep the waves washing in and giving the beach a clean slate each day.


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